Zoning Law

Zoning Law


Zoning Law

Zoning law is a very comprehensive branch of law consisting of many laws and regulations. With the development of the construction sector in Turkey and the need for urban transformation regulating the future of urban life. There are countless regulations that affect everyone's life and legal future. Felix Legal family, together with its collaborating architects, engineers and surveyors, is familiar with both technical and legal aspects of zoning law. For this reason, we are one of the few law firms in Turkey that combines technical and legal knowledge to help them against urban transformation practices in Alanya, zoning plans in Alanya and administrative lawsuits that may cause serious loss of rights. .. . .

Navigating the maze of zoning law, planning, zoning and land use approval processes in Alanya and Antalya can cause significant delays and increased costs that can tell the difference between success and failure for a project. The road to success is through experienced, practical legal advisers who will provide you with the right strategic advice at every stage of the planning process..


From initial due diligence to property acquisition and construction purchase, Felix legal has the experience, technical expertise and key government contacts to work collaboratively with you and your development so you get your result in a timely and cost-effective manner. Real Estates in Alanya constitute an important part of our individual capital. Municipalities, on the other hand, make zoning plans to meet the needs of urban life and to determine the area where urbanization will expand. While zoning plans are being made in Alanya, roads, green areas, parks and areas to be allocated to public services are determined. With the opening of an area for construction, a regulation partnership share is taken from the parties in response to the value increases in the immovables. If you do not receive an increase in value proportional to the abandonment and deductions you make from your real estate. Contact us. . .

. While the Zoning Plans are being made in Alanya, the places determined as roads, parks and green areas are created with cuts. After these applications, the islands and parcels owned by the people are replaced. A new subdivision plan is made. After the parceling plan, sometimes your real estate in a valuable location may be exchanged for a worthless place, or the parceling plan may greatly harm your interests. In this case, it is obligatory to file a lawsuit with the support of our lawyers who are familiar with the details of the Zoning Law in Alanya. Since the rules to be applied about the zoning plan are many and varied, it is obligatory to be followed by a lawyer who knows procedure well.. .

After the zoning plan your independent title deed may turn into partnership with public institutions or other private individuals. This raises serious questions about the future of the real estate. With our Alanya Zoning Law attorney service, we offer solutions to these questions . .

In case of building a construction by violating the Construction Licenses and Annexes in Alanya, violation report can be issued. In addition to the suspension of the building, an administrative fine is applied according to the violation. It is important to get legal support from a lawyer in Alanya when the construction suspension report is prepared. Errors made during the preparation of the building suspension report cause the invalidity of this report and the administrative action based on it. For this reason, it is important that the file reaches us as quickly as possible and to take legal action against administrative action. . ..

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The purpose of making a zoning plan is to reveal zoning parcels suitable for construction. For this reason, the location of the immovable may change before and after the zoning plan. As a rule, after the zoning plan, the parcel should emerge in a location closest to its previous location. However, in some cases, if it is not possible to give parcels in nearby areas, the old parcel is exchanged with a parcel in another location. This time, it is very likely that the swapped parcel will not be of the same value as the old parcel. We protect your rights in the best way with the privileged consultancy we offer on Zoning Law in Alanya and with the Zoning Law Litigation Follow-up in Alanya. . . . .

We are preparing construction contracts for contractors in Alanya for building permits and While preparing these contracts we take care not only the legal aspect of the work, but also the technical and architectural issues. We contribute to the preparation of architectural, static, electrical and sanitary projects. By presenting the draft architectural project during the contract, we reveal what our clients have agreed on. We are preparing the technical specifications of Construction Contracts between contractor and land owner in Alanya and clarify the sharing of immovables. . . . ..

Earthquake is an inevitable reality in Alanya, as it is for all of Turkey. As Alanya Zoning Law Consultancy activity, we lead urban transformation applications. In cooperation with the building inspection companies that have the capacity to authorize Urban Transformation in Alanya, we receive the report that the building is not durable. By bringing building owners and contractors together, we manage the negotiation process and ensure that your building is renewed by entering into urban transformation. By getting you in touch with Class A contracting companies in Alanya, we ensure that you benefit from the rental assistance offered by the state during the transformation to the maximum extent. In the meantime, we secure the legal future of all parties by contracting the sharing of the new real estate. . . . . . .. . .

Zoning plans are a regulatory Administrative Act of the administration. Objection to these transactions is subject to time. It is very important to object to these transactions in a timely manner and to take necessary actions. If the new Alanya Zoning Plan harms your interests and vested rights, it is important to sue as soon as possible. . .. ..

. Public institutions expropriate the areas if the public building and facility areas is located on a private property,. During the expropriation process, this area is expropriated after evaluation. Sometimes, the value determined by the state is lower than what you think then it is necessary to file a lawsuit to increase this price. Our Alanya Zoning Law Lawyers evaluate your file and ensure that your real estate is expropriated on actual its value..

Administrations allocate a budget for expropriation. However, sometimes there is no budget for it or municipalities promise to allocate your real estate with another one. Expropriation decisions are subject to long-lasting bureaucratic procedures with the ministry to which the administration is affiliated. In this case, confiscation without expropriation occurs. We are at your side with our experience in Confiscation without Expropriation Case in Alanya. . . . . .