Felix Legal aims to provide a privileged service to its clients from many parts of the world with its experienced infrastructure and offices located in Antalya and Alanya centres. As a leading law firm, it provides legal consultancy and attorneyship services to its clients with its foreign language competent staff based in Alanya. In this period of increasing global relations and rapid capital movements, our clients have the opportunity to provide local and international

We offer result-oriented and effective solutions with our experienced staff who solve legal problems that may be encountered at the international level before they occur.

Selimhan Cinas has been practising law since 2015 and founded Cinas&Partners in 2019.


Our biggest goal is to be with our clients while overcoming the obstacles they face; to save them from problems. While doing this, we do not focus on money; we help our clients in the shortest time and with the least workload.

We solve the problems of many of our domestic and foreign clients without resorting to litigation with Legal Consultancy in Alanya and Attorneyship services in Alanya. We care about the trust-based relationship in Alanya Attorneyship; We save time and money. Our office is active in Antalya and Alanya in Contractual Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Divorce and Alimony Litigation and Criminal Litigation. With the flexibility we offer in our fee structure, we provide unique roadmaps for each client. We understand our clients’ goals and solve their problems in the shortest way possible. Whether our clients are business people and companies or labourers, we stand by everyone with the same dedication.

We are at your side with legal assistance and technical support in the purchase of real estate in Alanya Land Registry.
In today’s market conditions, only the knowledge of lawyers is not sufficient in the performance of legal counselling services.

Felix Legal family prepares interdisciplinary technical and legal reports for its customers with its knowledge from different sectors and different business lines; thus highlighting preferences that minimise risks.
Felix Legal, which stands by the people who cannot access legal services in the society and therefore suffer irreparable losses, with the awareness of social solidarity, helps groups such as victims of domestic violence and immigrants by using the legal aid mechanism provided by the Code of Civil Procedure in the most comprehensive way and secures their legal future. We are the leading firm in Alanya in the field of Residence and Citizenship Attorney Services.

Millions of guests come to Alanya and Antalya every year, both holidaying and looking for business opportunities in our region. Thousands of immovable properties are bought and sold by foreigners in Alanya every year and many legal disputes occur. Family Law in Alanya (divorce, inheritance, family residence), Real Estate Law in Alanya, Foreigners Law in Alanya, Execution and Bankruptcy Law in Alanya, Criminal Law in Alanya, Zoning Law in Alanya As Felix Legal family, we aim to respond to the needs of local and foreigners living in Alanya-Antalya.
Located in Alanya, one of Turkey’s most important tourism centres, Felix Legal’s mission is to provide the highest quality legal advice and response using vast knowledge and experience. Our dynamic legal teams are tailored to individual needs so that we are ready to meet the unique challenges that each of our clients face today.
Solutions to legal problems involve the entire process, not just courtroom litigation. Our excellent track record enables many clients to resolve their legal issues out of court. In this way, we are proud to be one of the Leading Law Offices in Alanya.
Felix Legal’s mission is always to achieve the best possible result in co-operation with our client. We re-look at each question based on the client’s business, goals and provide a solution that maximises the chances of a successful resolution. The experience in the legal process can sometimes be frustrating or full of surprises. We are as committed to developing our client relationships as we are to providing the highest quality work product. We see each situation from the client’s perspective and work together to provide exceptional service. As Alanya Law Office, we ensure that you achieve solid results when you have a legal concern. Since 2016, we have been assisting businesses and individuals in a wide range of litigation and transactional matters. You can rely on our Alanya Felix Legal law firm to carefully review your case and provide strategic representation that aligns with your goals.
Alanya Law Firm Felix Legal offers high quality legal services; we prove our commitment to our clients by the quality of the services we provide. If you are starting, operating or dissolving a business, consult us to provide sound legal guidance.
In our Alanya Real Estate Law practice, we represent buyers and sellers of Residential Property and Commercial Property in Alanya. We will guide you through even the most complex property purchases and sales.
Alanya Family law -When you are facing divorce, child custody dispute or other difficult domestic issues in Alanya and Antalya, our dedicated family law attorney will work to resolve the issue in a way that reflects your wishes. Thousands of foreigners marry in our city every year and at the same time many divorces take place. As an Alanya Divorce Lawyer, we have a deep experience in the sector.
Alanya Law Firm Felix Legal is unique among Alanya law firms. We promise to utilise our decades of legal and creative deal making experience to deliver the best success to every client. At Alanya Law Firm-Office Felix Legal, we allocate time and resources efficiently because we believe that every legal matter should be approached with respect, care and the highest quality service. We serve each of our clients with the undivided attention they expect and deserve.
As Alanya Law Firm Felix Legal, we apply our legal knowledge in a practical way for you. We know that in order for us to offer the best value for you, we must first provide personalised solutions tailored to your needs. Our clients recognise our office’s ability to consistently provide excellent value in a variety of areas such as Alanya commercial Litigation, Alanya Agreement and Contract drafting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Alanya Real Estate Transactions, Alanya Immigration Advocacy. We assist you in obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment and we are at your side with our team of experts in Citizenship through Investment in Real Estate in Alanya.
With offices throughout Turkey, we are committed to providing the highest quality Alanya Legal Advice, combined with the highest level of customer service, in a seamless and cost-effective manner. This level of legal guidance, combined with our interdisciplinary structure and the firm’s Turkey-wide organisation, ensures that you have access to high quality resources when and where you need them.

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