Family Law

Family is the most fundamental pillar of society; however, when a healthy relationship becomes impossible, question marks arise about the material, moral and legal future of family members.

Felix Legal’s experienced staff in Alanya family law disputes deals with legal counselling and litigation in Alanya in a way that our valued clients can overcome this process with the least damage.

We offer our clients fast and effective solutions for divorce, custody of joint children and division of family property in Alanya.

In our country, there are contracts known as marriage contracts. These contracts show how the income earned by the spouses during the marriage period will be shared. Our office operates in the preparation of Marriage Contract in Alanya.

We guarantee your legal future with this Marriage Contract that you will make immediately after your marriage with your spouse. With the protection provided by the Marriage Contract, you will secure your assets after any unpleasant divorce.

In the event that the Marriage Contract cannot be concluded in Alanya, the assets and income you have earned during the marriage will be calculated and divided into two parts and one part will be given to your ex-spouse.

Alanya is a district with a high number of foreign marriages. We provide counselling on the conditions and process of Marriage with Turkish Citizens in Alanya and protect the financial future of the couples in the Marriage Contract for Couples Married in Alanya.

Our aim is to ensure that the deteriorated relationships are resolved through negotiation and to keep the parties away from corrosive litigation processes. The Divorce Process is organised according to your wishes and our experienced team can guide you through the whole process.

We have serious successes in resolving financial disputes after Divorce in Alanya and Divorce Solutions in Alanya. Our family law lawyers will assist you in securing your finances. Divorce paves the way for a financial settlement to be made and your assets to be protected; to reach an agreement on other aspects of your relationship.

Instead of filing a Divorce Lawsuit in Alanya; we recommend the Uncontested Divorce to our clients. We facilitate Uncontested Divorce in Alanya with the documents we prepare after listening to the demands of the parties. Uncontested divorce is easier than Divorce Cases, which are long-lasting and corrosive. Please contact us to get information about Uncontested Divorce in Alanya.

A major concern with the end of any marriage is how you will cope financially. Courts have wide discretion in making orders and redistributing assets and income to achieve a fair outcome. Each case is judged on its own facts and circumstances. Our goal is to best represent your expectations and proposals in accordance with the law.

To the best of our ability, we encourage the parties to agree to financial settlements of divorce amicably and without the need for court orders, as this is often quicker and cheaper for both you and your ex-spouse.

If your ex-spouse threatens to never give you any money again, or threatens to kidnap your assets, or if you see that he/she is not being honest during the proceedings, or if you see that he/she closes his/her accounts and disposes of his/her real estate quickly, you have to take action before it is too late.

In order to prevent such actions, we can freeze your spouse’s assets in Turkey and Alanya with our Family Law support in Alanya and apply to the court for an injunction.

An injunction is a powerful protective remedy that can be granted by the courts, sometimes without prior notice to your spouse, to protect your assets.

It can help protect against dishonest behaviour in litigation. This judgement prevents your spouse from absconding with his/her assets and transferring his/her immovable property to others. Thus, you can secure yourself against behaviours that will nullify the financial consequences of the divorce decision.

The injunction is sent to Alanya Land Registry Office and the banks where your spouse works. Thus, your possibility of victimisation is eliminated.

After the divorce, if you do not have any other income, your spouse has to meet the living standards you are used to. This obligation is resolved by alimony to be paid to the spouses.

In Alanya, getting support from a lawyer who knows his/her job well during the determination of alimony limits in Divorces by Lawsuit or Agreed Divorces will enable you to start your new life more easily. With alimony, spouses have to share their earnings during the marriage period after the marriage.

The division of property can be seen together with the divorce case, or it can be seen with the lawsuits to be filed later. Felix Legal’s team will take an approach to finalise these processes with a single pen and protect the living standards you are used to.

Custody of joint children is also an important issue in divorce proceedings. Children over the age of eight are asked who they want to live with. Children are our priority in this difficult process.

The court makes a very careful evaluation to ensure that the child lives with the spouse who will ensure the welfare and happiness of the child; however, the court makes a very careful evaluation to allow the child to establish a healthy relationship with the other spouse.

As Alanya Felix Legal, we prove to the court that you are in a position to provide the best emotional and material environment for the healthy development of the child.

In some cases, partners decide to continue living together without a marriage union. In such cases, there may be question marks on issues such as who the father is because there is no marriage union. If you want to correct the civil registration of your child born outside the marriage, you should file a recognition case. In some cases, the male partner does not accept responsibility after birth. In this case, a paternity and paternity lawsuit must be filed. We stand by our clients with our experience in Paternity Litigation in Alanya and Recognition Litigation in Alanya.
We operate in the following branches in the field of family law:

1. Divorce and Separation cases in Alanya

2. Injunction Decisions against Spouses in Alanya

3. Uncontested Divorce in Alanya

4. Custody of Joint Children in Alanya

5. Financial rights and division of assets after marriage in Alanya

6. Poverty Alimony Decisions for Spouses Depending on Spouse’s Income in Alanya

7. Alimony Decisions for the Expenses of a Common Child in Alanya

8. Organisation of relations with the common child in Alanya

9. Injunction Decisions for Preventing the Abduction of the Common Child in International Divorce Cases in Alanya

10. In the case of domestic violence in Alanya, orders for removal from home for the violent spouse

11. Enforcement of divorce judgements in Alanya

12. Collection of alimony receivables in case of non-payment of alimony in Alanya

13. Filing a Paternity Case in Alanya

14. Filing a Recognition Case in Alanya

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