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Felix Legal is an experienced firm in the field of Inheritance Law in Alanya. Identifying a lawyer in Alanya with experience in the Probate Process can provide you with better direction on how to handle the complex questions and situations that arise after the death of a loved one. Inheritance law begins with death. The surviving relatives of the deceased at the time of death inherit the deceased’s estate. In order to obtain the inheritance, it is necessary to complete a number of legal processes. As an Inheritance Law Attorney in Alanya, we have helped many of our local and foreign clients to overcome these processes. Inheritance matters are very individual, complex and emotional. Both land division and succession sometimes turn into a dramatic experience. Upon death, all of the heirs become joint owners of all the property left to them. This means that each heir cannot decide on the inherited property as he or she wishes. For this reason, the opening of the inheritance; the transfer of the inheritance to the heirs and the individualisation of the inheritance goods cause disputes even among family members. Sometimes the high number of heirs makes it difficult for the parties to agree on reasonable solutions. With our experience in the field of Inheritance Law in Alanya, we are committed to resolving very complex inheritance relationships in a way that will make the parties happy. Alanya Inheritance Lawyer litigation services may also be required for finding and securing the Deceased’s Estate in Alanya, collecting the life insurance proceeds of the deceased, defending against creditors’ claims against the estate, assisting in the sale of personal property and ensuring that all interested parties are included in the probate documents, paternity cases, disputed wills.

As Inheritance Law Attorney in Alanya, we advise and represent private clients in all national and international property law and inheritance matters. Our services range from advice on Property Law in Alanya, to inheritance and succession planning and legal representation in all Alanya Inheritance Disputes and tax matters. This provides you with efficient and comprehensive advice from a single source. You can rely on our expertise in all matters related to inheritance.

Our assistance with Inheritance Law in Alanya is not limited to this. While you are alive, if you want to prevent your heirs from disputing or if you want to dedicate a certain part of your estate to a relative or someone else, the best way to do this is to draw up a Will in Alanya. During the preparation of a Will in Alanya, we offer you support so that the will can be valid. Although the will seems simple, it is actually not that easy. Because the will should be made without violating the reserved shares of the heirs. The words and expressions used in the will should not be closed or open to interpretation; all articles should be clear and easy to understand. When preparing a will in Alanya, attention should be paid to the above-mentioned conditions. Otherwise, the will may be invalid or may be subject to cancellation through litigation. Thanks to the legal support we provide to our clients while preparing a will in Alanya, we secure their rights. Until today, we have provided legal assistance to many of our clients for wills in Alanya.

Navigating the maze of Alanya and Antalya zoning law, planning, zoning and land use approval processes can cause significant delays and increased costs that can mean the difference between success and failure for a project. The path to success is through experienced, practical legal advisors who will provide you with the right strategic advice at every stage of the planning process.

Felix legal has the experience, technical expertise and key government contacts to work in co-operation with you and your development consultants, from initial due diligence to property acquisition and construction, so that you get your result in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Real estate in Alanya constitutes an important part of our individual capital. Municipalities make zoning plans to meet the needs of urban life and to determine the area where urbanisation will expand. While making Zoning Plans in Alanya, roads, green areas, parks and areas to be reserved for public services are determined. In return for the value increases that occur in immovable properties when an area is opened for construction, a regulation partnership share is taken from the parties. If you cannot get a value increase proportional to the abandonments and deductions you have made from your immovable property. Apply to us.

In Alanya, when the Zoning Plans are made, the places determined as roads, parks and green areas are created with deductions. After these applications, the islands and parcels owned by people change their places. A new parcellation plan is made. After the parcellation plan, sometimes your immovable property in a valuable location can be exchanged for a worthless place or the parcellation plan made can greatly harm your interests. In this case, it is imperative that you file a lawsuit with the support of our lawyers who are familiar with the intricacies of Zoning Law in Alanya. Since the rules to be applied about the zoning plan are many and varied, it is imperative that a lawyer who knows this job well follows it.

Before the zoning plan, while having an independent title deed, after the zoning plan, there is a situation of partnership with public institutions or other private persons. This raises serious questions about the future of the immovable property. We offer solutions and solutions to these questions with our Alanya Zoning Law attorney service.

In Alanya, a building holiday report can be issued in case of construction in violation of construction licences and annexes. In addition to the holiday of the building, an administrative fine is imposed according to the contradiction. When a building holiday report is issued, it is important to get legal support from a lawyer who knows the Zoning Law in Alanya. Errors made during the issuance of the building holiday report cause the invalidity of this report and the administrative action based on it. For this reason, it is important that the file reaches us as quickly as possible and to take legal action against the administrative action.

We are always at your side to provide legal support in the field of Inheritance Law in Alanya. Muris sometimes do not want to leave their assets to their heirs. For this reason, while he is alive, he tries to leave his assets to anyone he wants by pretending to have made a sale. This is called Muris Muvazaası. In Alanya, we are at your side regarding the Muris Muvazaası Case. Thus, we guarantee the asset values that should be yours. With the service we offer during the Muris Muvazaası Case in Alanya, we protect your assets during the case. Thus, we protect against actions that will leave the case financially inconclusive.

Sometimes, mothers and fathers help their children to open a workplace in order to help them financially. In the meantime, they donate some of their own assets in favour of their heirs without dying. Such donations may violate the inheritance rights of other heirs. By filing a Tenkis Lawsuit in Alanya, we calculate your assets that should be returned to the inheritance partnership. Filing a Tenkis Lawsuit in Alanya is subject to a time limit. For this reason, if you contact us after the opening of the inheritance, you are less likely to experience victimisation.

Some properties are divided into shares due to inheritance partnership. Managing shared assets is not easy as it requires the opinion of each shareholder. We are at your side with our consultancy services and attorney services on Inheritance Law in Alanya. The way to be followed in this regard is to file a lawsuit for dissolution of partnership in Alanya. This case is also called izale-i şüyu case. We divide the shared assets by filing a lawsuit in Alanya. Thus, the obligation to apply for the opinions of the other partners by filing a lawsuit for the elimination of partnership in Alanya is eliminated.

Sometimes other heirs do not allow the implementation of the provisions stipulated in the will of the deceased. In this case, a lawsuit for the enforcement of the will should be filed in Alanya. By filing a lawsuit for the enforcement of the will in Alanya, the provisions of the will can be implemented by court decision.

Inheritance issues are important for foreigners living in Alanya. In Alanya, many properties are sold to foreigners from every country of the world. For this reason, we provide Will Preparation Service for Foreigners in Alanya. We are also working on the transfer of immovable property, bank accounts and movable belongings left in Turkey to heirs in case of the death of foreigners living in Alanya. Obtaining Inheritance Declaration for Foreigners Living in Alanya; We have a deep experience and knowledge in the field of Will Enforcement Case for Foreigners Living in Alanya.

We operate in the following branches in Alanya Inheritance Law Cases:

Will Preparation in Alanya
Muris Collusion Case in Alanya
Obtaining Inheritance Declaration for Foreigners Living in Alanya
Will Enforcement Case in Alanya
Partnership Elimination Case in Alanya
Administration and Distribution of Inheritance in Alanya
Filing a Tenkis Lawsuit in Alanya
Rejection of Inheritance Claims in Alanya
Paternity Cases in Alanya
Collection of Receivables from Inheritance in Alanya
Lawsuits on Maintenance Contracts for Life in Alanya
Will Cancellation Case in Alanya

The questions and issues arising in Inheritance Law in Alanya are very diverse and sometimes very complex. In inheritance law we advise our clients mainly on these legal issues and we are familiar with the sensitive character that an inheritance dispute can have, often after an emotional death in the family. In order to protect one’s rights and prevent conflicts from escalating, it is very useful to seek legal assistance. We stand by you and your family with our team of lawyers specialised in inheritance law in Alanya.


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