Immovable Property Law

Buying Real Estate in Alanya for Commercial or Personal Use is an integral part of human life. For this reason, buying real estate in Alanya without examining the nature, legal status and zoning status of the real estate brings many legal risks in the future. As Felix Legal family, we also secure the future of your life and investment with the consultancy service we will provide at the land registry in Alanya before and during the purchase of real estate in Alanya.

When buying a property for holiday or personal purposes in Alanya and Antalya region, the legal status of the property should be checked well; it should be determined whether it is suitable for credit. Buying a property is a long-term investment and there are many details to be considered during the purchase. The return of the investment is very important; because in order to avoid problems after the transfer, a contract must be signed in the presence of a lawyer before the transfer and all money movements must be transferred with provable means. Our first goal is to prevent our client from experiencing any difficulties after the transfer. We support and support individuals and families at every stage of the property purchase. Every year, we manage the transfer transactions and agreements of approximately twenty immovable properties.

The subject of our services: Real Estate Financing in Alanya, Sales in Alanya, Leasing in Alanya, Commercial Business Leasing in Alanya and Real Estate Development Projects in Alanya. We have significant success in real estate purchases and land leases with our expert property consultants. We solve difficult problems and efficiently manage complex land transactions. With our real estate consultants, we have so far advised on office buildings, hotels, restaurants, villas, holiday housing projects, mixed-use projects and mediated their transfers. We also follow the sales transactions of our clients who want to dispose of the real estate you own in Alanya. We always stand by our clients with our reliable consultancy and support services in the High Quality Real Estate market in Alanya and Antalya Region. Caring deeply about the success of our clients, our entire team is focused on providing legal services and advice on real estate law in Alanya, creative and imaginative approaches to problems, unwavering ethics and common sense.

We work in close co-operation with our clients to complete their property transactions. Instead of confusing words, we express in clear and understandable language the advice that is in the best interests of our clients. We are well positioned to provide guidance in any situation, be it Acquisition, Disposal, Development or Property Disputes in Antalya and Alanya Property Market. We work with overseas investors and local clients across all sectors including Commercial Property, Residential, Hotel, Retail, Industrial and Landed Property in Alanya.

As a Real Estate Lawyer in Alanya, we are at your side in all property acquisition and disposal processes. We offer Real Estate Purchase-Sale Contract Drafting in Alanya, making sure that all your contracts meet the requirements to be valid.

We operate in the following branches about real estate.

Property Development Projects in Alanya
Architect and Contractor Contracts in Alanya
Commercial Leases and Residential Leases in Alanya (Landlord and Tenant Representation)
Property Acquisition by Foreigners in Alanya
Property and Facility Management Agreements in Alanya
Real Estate Related Litigation and Arbitration in Alanya (Including Foreclosure in Real Estate)
COVID Legislation Affecting Property Contracts in Alanya (e.g. Leases, Contractor Agreements, etc.)
Title Deed Cancellation-Registration Cases in Alanya
Regulation on Real Estate Trade in Alanya and Consultancy Services for Property Development Companies
Property Valuation Activities in Alanya
Shop Rental Services in Shopping Centres in Alanya
Contracts Organised Between Contractors and Land Owners in Alanya
Control of whether the immovable properties constructed by the contractor in Alanya comply with the standards specified between the parties
Agricultural Land including Food and Agricultural Trade in Alanya

Felix Legal’s property team is made up of lawyers with extensive experience and provides a comprehensive service covering all aspects of property ownership and use including Property Acquisition And Sale in Alanya, Property Development in Alanya, Construction Law in Alanya, Property Finance in Alanya, resolution of real estate and Construction Disputes in Alanya. At Felix Legal we have experienced and committed team of property lawyers who are dedicated to making your transactions smooth and stress-free.

We advise Turkish citizens and non-residents of Turkey on all aspects of residential property transactions, including sales and purchases, lease extensions and residential leases. We save our clients stress and worry by handling the legal aspect of transactions. We inform you about what you are buying by preparing a report, which explains the legal issues related to your property in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. We guarantee transparency and efficiency in the transactions. We have many references as Real Estate Lawyers in Alanya.

When you first contact us, we will instantly provide you with a detailed quotation by email; allowing you to see a breakdown of the work we will do and the costs involved, allowing you to make an informed decision with a clear estimate of your likely cost. We will let you know in advance if additional work is required so there will be no surprises in legal fees.

For sellers and buyers, we provide the service of drafting, review and negotiation of the Real Estate contract in Alanya, explanation of the Real Estate contract in Alanya to the seller, solving any problems (including repair issues, repairs, etc.) before the sale at the Land Registry in Alanya, correspondence with the Buyer in Alanya, representation by lawyer at the Alanya land registry.

To Buy a House in Alanya, consult with a lawyer before Signing a Property Purchase Contract in Alanya. Your Real Estate Lawyer in Alanya can suggest changes to the property purchase contract to protect your financial interests and ensure you get what you expect.

A property broker is entitled to a commission when they find a willing buyer or tenant ready to buy or rent, usually on the terms set by the owner or landlord. Whilst this may seem simple, disputes over non-payment of brokerage commissions are extremely common. There are numerous types of Brokerage contracts in Alanya. These disputes can be extremely complex and may require the assistance of an experienced lawyer in Alanya. We are experienced in successfully resolving Property Brokerage disputes in Alanya.


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